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EventsZu.no (EventZuNou) is a powerful and efficient CRUD system that aims to power all events platforms. This technology enables us to efficiently manage and organize event data, artist profiles, venue information, and more, providing the most comprehensive and relevant event listings in Japan. By utilizing EventZuNou, we can ensure that event-goers have access to accurate and up-to-date information, while event organizers can effectively promote their events and reach their target audience.

API & Docs

The EventsZu.no API is a robust and comprehensive tool that enables seamless integration and development with the EventsZu.no platform. It provides developers with access to a wide range of functionalities, allowing them to create innovative applications and services that enhance the event experience. With our detailed documentation and developer resources, getting started with the EventsZu.no API is quick and straightforward.


iFLYER Database (iFDB) is the most comprehensive listing and resource of events in Japan. It serves as a CMS system for the event industry, allowing owners of artist, venue, and promoter profiles to manage their own data. With 20,000+ artist profiles and 6,000+ managed, iFDB is the source of truth for Japan's event industry. It's admin system allows editors to edit data in a similar fashion to Wikipedia, and its REST API is available for anyone wanting to use the data.


iFLYER.tv is the go-to destination for dance music culture in Japan. Featuring top pages, articles, and feature pages, the platform promotes events relevant to the culture. Using AI, iFLYER.tv creates and delivers massive amounts of articles customized to music genres, tastes, and locations, allowing anyone with a love of music to find something that matches their interests. By signing up for an account, users can receive personalized recommendations based on their preferences, giving them access to the latest and greatest in dance music culture.


Zaiko.io is a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes event ticketing and fan engagement. With its cutting-edge technology and advanced AI capabilities, Zaiko.io offers event organizers and attendees a seamless and immersive ticketing experience. From personalized recommendations to efficient ticket purchasing, Zaiko.io empowers fans to discover and attend their favorite events while providing event organizers with powerful tools to enhance fan engagement and maximize ticket sales.


iFLYER AI is an advanced artificial intelligence platform that revolutionizes event discovery and personalized recommendations. With powerful machine learning algorithms, iFLYER AI provides users with customized event suggestions based on their music genre preferences and location. By creating a unique AI profile, users can receive personalized recommendations and choose the style of articles given to them, making it the go-to source for event-goers looking to find the perfect event.